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          Impington Village College

          Membership / Prices



           Current prices-

          Pricing options can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

          Corporate membership 

          Impington Sports Centre offers a wide range of facilities and activities to help everyone lead a healthy lifestyle. Our state-of the-art fitness equipment is designed to encourage local companies to have an active workforce. Talk to our Fitness Manager to discuss your requirements and receive corporate discounts for all your employees.

          Exercise, Relax, Socialise

          Did you know?

          • Employees involved in corporate fitness programmes take five sick days less per annum than colleagues not on a programme.
          • Exercise boosts your immune system, helps prevent colds and flu, fights stress hormones and releases dopamine, which in turn produces “feel good” hormones. 12.8 million working days are lost each year due to stress.
          • Employees who exercise, work with greater efficiency during the day, which increases productivity.

          How can your company benefit?

          By improving the exercise opportunities available to your company, you will see:

          • A healthier, happier workforce
          • Reduced stress levels
          • Improved productivity, morale and fitness
          • Reduced absenteeism

          Why choose Impington Sports Centre?

          For corporate members of Impington Sports Centre we will offer a varied package of membership options to suit your individual requirements.

          The Studio’s state-of-the-art facilities include a 50 station interactive studio, fitness specific changing rooms, a thermal spa with steam room and sauna, and a café. These facilities are complemented by our 25 metre swimming pool.

          Getting Started

          Come in for a tour of the facilities and a coffee in the café with our Fitness Manager. He will explain how you and your staff can get started with corporate discounts, personal training programmes and discounted flexible memberships.

          Call the Fitness Manager on 01223 200404 to make an appointment and register your company with us.


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